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My Bio

I'm a "Country Boy" like Hank Williams Jr. sang about.  I was raised in the country, did a few years of living in cities so I have experienced both worlds and now and God willing forevermore, it's the country for me. 
I like having room to stretch and think my boys need it more.
I believe in the America that was where God, guns, hunting and fishing were still respected and appreciated and where common sense had not yet been replaced by psycho-babble from too many people educated beyond their intelligence.

My Occupation

I used to be a machinist.  But these days I'm 'retired' due to disability and just dabble in farming and a little woodworking and carving.

My Hobbies

GUNS!!- Shooting and collecting, especially military surplus.  Traditional archery. I like to do it the hard way. No compound bows or fancy gadgets for me! Stick bow, self bow, English Longbow and recurve/  I am also getting into making my own bows. 
I am deeply into American Military history especially the American "Civil War" or "War Between the States."  I have dabbled in writing having a few articles published. I am lightly into model building and would like to get more into RC model airplane flying but haven't pursued it very hard.  Limited opportunity mainly.

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